Madia Homes, Inc. has put our 30 years of experience to work for you, by creating a very complete system for building your home from start to finish. Our step-by-step process creates a schedule to map the construction of your home all the way through the finishing details, keeping you fully informed along the way.


Madia Homes, Inc. has the house to fit your style. Whether you desire modern, traditional, stone, stucco, or something totally unique, Madia Homes, Inc. has experience building them all. In addition, we provide our clients with many options for your home, including high-end appliances and state of the art electronics.


Madia homes are known for elegant custom woodworking, providing additional style and personalization to ech home. Whether you desire in all wood den, intricate crown molding or a custom designed bar, we can provide it with excellence and expertise.


Madia Homes Inc. is known for including theme rooms in their homes including custom bars, exercise rooms, and home theatres. These rooms are designed to suit the needs and tastes of each customer. These rooms add a distinct flare to the home, reflecting the homeowner’s personal style.